Pumpkin Pie Pancakes With Collagen Peptides


Do you ever wake up on a cold, overcast, fall morning craving pancakes? I could eat pancakes, along with a strong cup of french roast coffee any day of the week. Pancakes can be a wonderful breakfast option, but can definitely make you feel like you just ate 10-cases of sugar dough when made with sugars and fillers. So I got to thinking, I love pumpkin pie and I adore pancakes. Why not make a clean version for you guys? I thought well, I make pumpkin syrup that's clean, I can surely make pumpkin pie pancakes that are clean too! After racking my brain and coming up with various recipes in my kitchen, I've developed the perfect, clean, pumpkin pie pancake recipe for you guys that I think you'll really enjoy! These pumpkin pie pancakes also have my favorite Collagen Peptides in them which I use every day to help keep my skin clear and my energy levels up. 

Bonus: Make these for breakfast for your family the day after Thanksgiving and you'll be the shining star! Plus, these are great to eat before a long hiking day. We don't go shopping on Black Friday instead, we go outside and play! I will definitely be making these Black Friday and I know my family will appreciate having a healthy meal at their fingertips that is of course, pumpkin themed! 

Delicious, Cheesy, Clean, Macaroni and Cheese

I do not know a single person on this planet who doesn't adore homemade macaroni and cheese. Do you know anyone who doesn't just love the stuff? I could eat macaroni and cheese any day of the week, but I especially love it when it's fall, the weather is getting colder and comfort food is my main squeeze. Macaroni and cheese is delicious, but most of the time it's filled with too many ingredients that I cannot pronounce. I know that when I eat this delicious, cheesy pasta, I want basic, simple, clean ingredients that I can pronounce. No artificial flavors or fillers. I want my macaroni and cheese to be cheesy, moist and have some vegetables mixed in so I feel like I'm getting a full meal without having to make other dishes. Usually, macaroni and cheese is considered a "side dish" but with my take on it, you'll have a complete dinner ready to go and then if you make enough you'll have leftovers for lunch, breakfast, brinner, whatever. It's so good, you'll be glad you made a lot for everyone to eat!

Fall Giveaway with RXBar!

You all know I love a good protein bar. And one with minimal ingredients is even better, so when the opportunity came along to host a fall giveaway with RX Bars, I jumped at the chance. The reason why RX Bars are oh so nutritious and delicious is because they only have 4-ingredients in each bar. How many nutrition bars can say that? I have two favorites and they are the Maple Sea Salt and the Pumpkin Flavor! Be forewarned, the Pumpkin flavor is only available for purchase until the end of October and then it's gone until next year! You can find both of these wonderful flavors here: 

The pumpkin flavor tastes exactly like clean pumpkin pie and the maple sea salt flavor literally tastes like a maple donut, but without all of the added calories. You can enter the contest over at Instagram, all you have to do is follow me and follow RX Bar and list your favorite flavor and tag a friend in the comments. The contest ends this Friday, Septmber 23rd. That's it! You can find me on Instagram here.

Let me know if you've tried RXBars and what you think of them. 

XOXO ~Genevieve 

Clean Pumpkin Spice Syrup- The Perfect Addition to your Fall Morning Coffee!

This is hands down my favorite time of the year. The leaves are changing, fall colors are appearing everywhere, red, gold, orange and yellow. The air is getting colder, the smells of cinnamon and pumpkin are in the air. Pumpkin and Halloween decorations are popping up in retail stores. And of course, Pumpkin Spice Latte's are at every coffee shop all over town. Now, you could go fork out almost $4.00 for a latte full of added sugars and fillers, or you could make your own Pumpkin Spice Syrup at home. 

If you adore coffee like I do and you love pumpkin spice, then you are going to adore this clean version of pumpkin spice syrup. You can add this to your morning coffee (you can check out my take on Bulletproof coffee here, this syrup would be amazing in it!) You can top fresh waffles and pancakes with this pumpkin syrup and you can even add this to pumpkin penne pasta! (A recipe for that coming next week!)

Meyer Lemon Bacon Penne Pasta!

I'm Italian and every Sunday night I would go to my Grandmother's house for traditional Italian Sunday dinner. I can still smell the scent as I walked in the door of her beautiful beach house in Montara, California. Fresh bread baking in the oven, pancetta sizzling in the frying pan, and the soft scent of chocolate shavings still out on the counter from her amazing Tiramisu. I grew up on pasta, pasta, and well you guessed it, more pasta! Of all of the things I love, coffee, running, weight lifting and rock climbing, pasta is at the top of that list. Fall is practically here and everyone need's a good, go-to pasta recipe for those nights when cooking tons of food seems daunting. This delicious pasta dish has everything you need for a cozy, fall night by pumpkin spice candles and a good Netflix show. So get your spatulas ready, because I've got the perfect fall pasta recipe for you! 

If you don't have one already, you'll want to buy a Citrus Zester. These are cheap on Amazon and are an essential tool in the kitchen. 

Pasta, Pasta, and more PASTA!

Eat all the pasta and enjoy this cozy, fall meal anytime you want a quick, easy comfort food meal. 

Bonus! Add nutmeg for even more fall flavor! 

La Bella Vita!