Whistle Review + Giveaway

Disclaimer: I was provided a Whistle GPS Pet Tracker for review and giveaway purposes. All opinions expressed are my own, I truly love all of the campaigns I do with the Sweat Pink and Fit Approach community.

I own three dogs and have been lucky enough to have never lost any of them. *Knock on wood* but for anyone who has lost a pet, it can be a devastating and traumatic event. Not to worry though because Whistle has found the answer to your prayers. They have come out with a GPS Pet Tracker for your rambunctious pet. I own three crazy, adorable puppies, but decided to put the GPS tracker on my running partner Roxy. She's gotten into the bad habit lately of chasing after cyclists while we run on the trails, so this GPS tracker fits the bill. 

The package comes with the pet tracker (as seen on Roxy in the above photo) the rubber collar strap, the collar attachment, the charging base station, and the power adaptor and cable. The first thing I noticed is how difficult it was to put the pet tracker on the collar attachment with the rubber collar strap. It was hard to get on Roxy and the items would not click together. I'm hoping Whistle comes out with a better way to attach the GPS tracker to the collar as it was quite complicated. 

The GPS tracker also comes with a free app where you upload your information and your pet's information to it. Your pet's photo can also be added which is a nice touch. The app asks you for your pet's "safe zone" which is the area around your home or wherever they are safe if they ever get lost. I like this about the app because there are many safe places Roxy knows to go to if she ever get's lost and these are marked in the app attached to her tracker. 

The first thing you do when you get your tracker is set up your docking station, charge your tracker up, then input all of your info into the app. Once that's done, you and your pup are ready to go! 

Roxy and I hit the trails immediately after her tracker was set up (we usually run 5-miles at-least 4-days per week. What I love about the app is Roxy can run off leash and I can see where she is from the app. The other amazing thing about this app is it tracks all of Roxy's activity so I can see how much activity she's done from week to week. This is something that is really useful if you want to monitor how much your dog moves. You also get live GPS tracking with, text and e-mail alerts, food and medication reminders, and you can monitor your pet's health trends. It's a really good GPS/Fitness tracker for your pup! 

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