Athleta Sculptek Clothing Review- Welcome Fall!

Happy Fall everyone! The weather is finally changing in Northern California. Finally! The leaves are changing color, the air is a bit cooler, and I have to schedule my evening runs earlier in the day because it gets dark at 7pm. I adore all things fall! Pumpkin spice everywhere, nature tricking us with her delicious colors and the excuse to wear long workout pants on the trail runs. I live in Northern California where the summers stick around for quite awhile and the days of 100-degree temperatures seem endless. I'm happiest when it's cold, rainy, and overcast and I know I would be able to live and adapt perfectly to the climate in the Pacific Northwest.            

When I found out I won the Athleta Sculptek contest on Instagram I was ecstatic because I wear Athleta clothing every day. Their pieces are a fantastic addition to any active women's wardrobe because you can wear them to the gym, in a hot yoga class, out on the trails, then paired with some cute ankle boots and a sweater, you've got yourself a beautiful outfit. Sculptek X fabric is their "newest line of innovative fiber technology that molds to your body with 360-degree stretch." I went for a sweaty trail run in this outfit and put it to the test. Normally, with pants I'm constantly pulling them down, adjusting or pulling them up. Hello, curvy hips! With the Stealth 7/8 pants, I did not have to make adjustments once. Everything stayed put during my trail run and felt cool and breathable. I'm 5/1 and the Stealth 7/8 pants were a perfect length for me. They do not ride too high up on my torso and fall right in the middle under my belly button. The Stealth Tank is cute and functional and there is no need for an additional sports bra with it and I'm always a happy girl if I do not need to wear a sports bra under my tank top during my trail runs. The Stealth Tank held me in without any bouncing or chafing and although sweat was dripping off of me after my run, the fabric felt cool and dry. 

If you are a trail runner and heavy lifter such as myself, be sure and check out Athleta's new Sculptek clothing line and let me know what you think. I'm happy and thankful I have these beautiful pieces to add to my wardrobe.

Thank you, Athleta!