The Health-Nut's Gift Guide 2017


Tis the season for gift giving!  If you're anything like me you love giving gifts. I love sending all of my online friends presents and seeing my friends and family members eyes light up when they get exactly what they wanted. I love gift giving, secret santa's, Christmas parties, all of it! This is a wonderful time of year, but it can also be stressful. This time of year can be fiercly overwhelming, not only on our minds, but also on our wallets. Don't fret though, my Health-Nut's gift guide can be used for all the yogi's, chef's, foodies, and fitness obsessed health-nut's in your life. 

One of the items you guys see me running with all of the time are my wireless headphones made by Aftershokz. I'm obsessed with their headphones because I can run with them on and still hear everything going around me including the cyclists, other runners, and dog-walkers. These headphones are also convenient too because I can hear everything Roxy is doing without worrying about her. When I travel these are also my go-to's. Aftershokzs Trekz are amazing for hopping on the plane or in the car and tuning out to your favorite podcasts or jams. I never leave the house without them! Aftershokz is currently offering an awesome deal on all Trekz Titaniums through November 28th. The Details: The exclusive deal includes a special sale price on Trekz Titanium headphones. PLUS, we will be throwing in one FREE sample of Slate Gray Trekz Titanium headphones for the first 1000 orders. This amazing deal is goes along with their #GiveGoodVibes campaign and is such an amazing deal!  You can purchase a pair for the fitness lover in your life or grab a pair for yourself here! 


If you guys have been following me for awhile then you know how OBSESSED I am with Vital Proteins. I practically live on the stuff! I drink it everyday in my bulletproof coffee, bake with it, add it to pasta, make marshmallows with it, basically everything you can do with Vital Proteins is what I do. Their amazing collagen and beef gelatin have been absolutely life-changing for my energy levels, recovery time from my daily runs and weight-lifting, and my skin has never looked better! You've gotta get on this amazing deal from Vital Proteins while it's hot! Purchase $75 on their website and receive a free 5 oz. canister of Collagen Peptides with code "PEACELOVECOLLAGEN" this is an amazing deal that lasts through November 28th. Get on it!

Do you have subscription junkies in your life? If you do then get on this deal! Stride Box is my new favorite monthly subscription box and it's dedicated to runners. If there are any runners in your life who are as obsessed with running as I am, then you must gift them this awesome box. Each month I get a curated box of running specific goodies and it's literally like Christmas once a month! I get anything from headbands to vitamin packs, to the newest energy bars. It's really the running nerds dream! Right now Stride Box is offering 10% off all Stride Box subscriptions using my code: FittyFoodie10. 


This next one is for all of the foodies in your life. Primal Kitchen is one of my favorite companies for healthy, clean condiments and oils. They make everything from delicious energy bars to olive oils to the yummiest Chipotle Lime Mayo you've ever had. I always have their goodies in stock in my pantry and their kits are a must-have for any chef in your life. Their slogan "Eat Like Your Life Depends On It" is one of my favorites because it's true, we are what we eat! You all know I'm called the ingriedient police on Instagram and that's because I'm very watchful and carful about what goes into my body. The best part about all of Primal Kitchen's products is none of their products contain soy! None! It's one of the reasons I love them so much! For a full list of their goodies you can check out their site here.

Do you have sore muscles? Know anyone in your life whose constantly complaining of back pain? Got shin splints? Well, fret no more because the Myo Buddy Pro Massager is here to the rescue! I seriously do not know how I lived life before this little powerhouse and I'm so glad they invited me to try one through Fit Approach because now I'm set for life. I run anywhere from 15-30 miles week, and prefer to run at-least 5-miles daily on the trail. To say my body takes a hit would be an understatement. I also struggle with shin splints and low back pain (thanks anxiety) so having a pro massager at home not only saves me lots of dough, but keeps my muscles and body happy. Grab one for yourself and for your favorite fitness buddy. This deal is to good to pass up! MyoBuddy is currently offering a huge discount to all of my readers: Use the code: SPGEN and get $100 off a Myobuddy massager from November 22–December 4! 

Screen Shot 2017-11-25 at 5.50.25 PM.png

Struggle with anxiety or know anyone who does? These next few items are ones I get asked about often and ones I use everyday at home to help manage my anxiety and keep me grounded. The Himalayan Salt lamp has amazing aruveydic benefits and is truly the wonder lamp. I have one on my nightstand and light it each night about an hour before I fall asleep. It has a relaxing orange glow that's been proven to help calm an anxious mind down and helps with congestion relief and allergies. It's also a beautiful piece of art that looks gorgeous even when not turned on. These lamps help with insomnia and emit a strong grounding vibration. Get one for the insomniac in your life and I promise it will help.

I keep one in my bag and on my night stand, as well as in my office. I basically carry essential oils with me everywhere I go. Lavender and Frankincense are my go-to's and I believe everyone on the planet should have a diffuser in every room in their home. This is the one I'm currently using and I love it for it's capacity and pretty light that changes color. This essential oils kit is essential (haha, get it?) for anyone in your life who loves good smells that also help calm the brain or can help keep you alert and ready to go. Whatever your potion, there's a essential oil in here for everyone in your life. 

And last but certainly not least on my Health-Nut's Gift Guide 2017 is the Instant Pot because really what would a house be without one? This is a steller deal on them and I use mine for cooking Jasmin rice, chicken, beef, veggies, basically everything! 

And that's a wrap on my 2017 gift guide! I hope you guys enjoy this and please comment below and let me know if there is any other amazing gifts I should add to this list.

Happy Gifting!