The Surge Review with Hedstrom Fitness

This post has been sponsored by Hedstrom Fitness via Fit Approach. All opinions and views are my own. 

Do you lift weights? Do you go hiking? Perhaps you prefer to do a daily yoga class or hiit cardio? Have you ever trained with water before? Hydro-interia™ training is the newest thing and if my predictions are correct, training with water is going to be huge! Hedstrom Fitness sent me The Surge® in partnership with Fit Approach to try out and I was instantly intrigued when it arrived on my doorstep in two boxes. Hedstrom Fitness sent me the Surge® in two different sizes, the 30" and the 42" inch. The colors I received were gray and black, but they come in 5-different colors and the pink looks adorable!

I've trained with sandbags before and I'm a swimmer so I've trained in water before, but I've never trained using water as weights. I filled up both with water and got to work! Just carrying them from the bathroom with each one filled half way, I immediately felt the burn and I liked how unstable the weight felt. 

The first move I tried was the basic squat using the 42" one and I felt as if I was lifting a good 32-pounds over my head. I could hear the water sloshing around in The Surge® and could feel the weight on my shoulders. I knew this was going to be a good workout! Both sizes are super easy to fill up. You just unscrew the white cap and fill up to the section you are comfortable with. If this is first time using Hydro-Inertia Training™ don't fill them up too high. It's tricky at first, but once you find the amount of weight that works for you, you are good to go! 

The next move I tried was oblique twists using the 30" one and I loved how it activated my core. The water moves around the time entire time you are using The Surge® so it keeps your core constantly guessing and activated. Jump squats are fun too using The Surge® because the water works your arms, shoulders, back, core and legs. Using The Surge® is an entire body workout and it's fantastic because not only do you get your cardio in, but you get your strength training in too! It's a multiple use workout system! 

I use the 30" Surge® for my abs, obliques, and core. I do a few fun moves like oblique twists, windmills, and even weighted planks! For the weight planks I put the 30" Surge® on my lower back and hold for 1-minute increments. With the water constantly moving back and forth, you must maintain steady balance to keep you from falling to the floor. 

I love doing jumping jacks using The Surge® and shoulder presses because my entire core is activated during these moves, and I can switch between the 42" size and 30" and still get in a fantastic workout! 

The other great thing about The Surge® coming in two different sizes is I can literally take them anywhere. I can take them empty to a park and fill each of them up at any water fountain. Since getting The Surge® I've added hydro-inertia™ training to most of my workouts and it's something I will continue to use regularly! 

You can even pick up your own Surge® right now through February 28th courtesy of the code from Hedstrom Fitness and Fit Approach!

Pick up yours here: Http:// and use the code: SPHF25 until 2/28 for 25% off The Surge®. This is an awesome discount and a fun way to get in great shape for Spring while building muscle mass from Hydro-Inertia Training ™. 

Have questions about The Surge® ? Feel free visit their website here:

And leave me any questions below, I'm super excited to be sharing this awesome workout equipment with you all! 

Have you tried The Surge® ? What do you think about? Is this the type of workout equipment you would add to your workouts?

And as always friends, Happy Sweating! <3