Hurrah For Spring! | PrAna Spring Clothing Review

This post was sponsored by PrAna in my partnership with Fit Approach. All opinions are my own, I truly love all of the brands I work with through Fit Approach. 

Can you believe it's almost Spring? I'm excited for those lazy, hazy, days of summer! If you got that last reference, kudos to you! It's been freezing here in California and I'm looking forward to the sunshine filled days and the longer nights where I can go on an evening run and it won't be pitch black at 7 pm. This has been a weird season for us for sure, we've had tons of rain (thank goodness) it's been cold every single night (strange for Cali) and there's a chill in the air that seems to be lingering. I usually adore winter, but I'm longing for warmer days where I can sport my tanks tops and loose sweaters and not freeze. This is why when PrAna asked me to review a couple of pieces from their Spring Clothing Line I was ecstatic. Their clothes are beautifully made and can transition for activewear into a lovely outfit for the evening. Like the outfit, I'm wearing in the above photo. This sweater from PrAna is called the Liana Sweater in the color Bora Bay is made from 55% hemp and 45% cotton and is super comfortable to wear. It's lightweight, can be worn with a sports bra under it or a pretty tank top, and is great for those chilly summer nights or on a trip to the beach. The joggers called the Annexi Pant in herringbone, paired with this sweater are dreamy too! They are the perfect item for any adventure. You can wear them to yoga class, and then for a night out on the town, or they're fantastic for running errands in, or for lounging around the house. They are super comfortable and have plenty of room to move around in. Also, I'm 5'1 and these pants fall perfectly at my hips and are not too long. They also pair great with a cute pair of booties. 

I truly have the hardest time finding pants that fit me right everywhere, in the hips, legs, and waist and these joggers really do the trick! I anticipate I'll be wearing them everywhere through Spring, Summer, and, Fall! 

I'm currently working on my masters in Nutrition and we wrapped finals on Monday of this week! It's been a super fast semester and on Saturday we decided to play hooky and get out of town. We headed to our favorite coffee roasters Dr. Insomniacs in Novato to get coffee, then we headed out to Point Reyes. Have you guys ever there? I'm obsessed with that place. The beauty, the beaches, the little shops, the bakery, the coastal air breezing through my hair. It's truly like a post card town, or one you'd see off the coast of Maine, but it's in California instead. We got lucky with the wether, it was windy, but sunny and it seemed everyone was out playing hooky that day. 

I know when life gets busy it can be hard to take a real day off, but your body and brain need those days off, away from the computer, phone, and all screens for that matter. Getting outside and adventuring out in nature with your partner or friends is so important. Shane totally understands my need to get out of town and peeled me away from the computer on Saturday. I was grateful he understood what I needed and even more grateful that he likes to play hooky too. If you can't leave town, at least take a mental health day. Go get a pedicure, a massage, check out that new yoga class you've been dying to try or go to that new city spot you've heard so many things about. Taking rest days and days off are imperative to staying functional during the tough work and school days. Trust me, this is coming from a workaholic. I totally get not wanting to take time for yourself, but you deserve it and so does your body! Plus, you'll come back completely refreshed and ready to dive into those challenging tasks. 

The same goes for working out. When's the last time you took an actual rest day? Active rest days are great, but take a couple of rest days where you don't workout at all. Your body needs all the rest, especially if you lift weights, rock climb, and trail run like I do. Listen to your body and take a hot Epsom salt baths with some god music and candles. Make your bath as luxurious as possible and relax. Find a quiet spot in your house and meditate for a bit, or even better find a calming place outside, set up a blanket and meditate there. Your brain and body will thank you for it. And who knows, you may even decide you enjoy meditating and you may do it daily. 

In order to relax, one must have comfy, beautiful clothing. I adore the clothing in PrAna's Spring Line, and I'm thankful they are comfy, moveable, and made of good quality. The other bonus is they will last a long time, and can easily transition from day to night. PrAna has been gracious enough to let me share a discount code with my readers. Grab a few pieces for yourself at PrAna's website for 15% off using my code: SP417GFF and grab these joggers, you won't regret it. If you do get yourself some amazing pieces, come back and tell me what you think. I know I'll be wearing this sweater and these joggers all spring and summer long! 

And hurrah for Spring!