4-Easy, Fun Ways To Sculpt Your Arms | UB Toner Review

This post is sponsored by UB Toner™ the content and opinions are all my own. 

I've loved doing upper body workouts ever since I started swimming in elementary school. I love lifting weights, boxing, kayaking, yoga, all of it! I realize the importance of having a strong upper body and core strength and it can be hard to do that while on the road and traveling.

That's why the UB Toner™ is fantastic! I'm heading on lots of trips this year and Las Vegas next week, and I'm excited to bring the UB Toner™ with me along for the ride! Lifting heavy weights is important for the bigger muscles like the triceps and biceps but what about those smaller muscles in the areas that are harder to reach? These smaller muscles are harder to get to with weightlifting alone. You all know what I'm talking about, the area right beneath your shoulder blades and your lats. I don't believe in "trouble areas" I believe our bodies are miraculous beings working hard to keep us going at top speed every day, but there are some areas that are harder to get with weight-lifting alone. The UB Toner™ is great for those smaller areas because it works specific muscles in the chest, shoulders, and back region. 

Here are 4-easy moves you can do virtually anywhere and reap all of the benefits of micro-muscle movement.

Make sure you do a warm up before doing this workout and always keep good posture the entire time. Shoulders back, core pulled in with feet hip-width apart. These moves work all of the smaller muscles in the chest and back region and are fantastic to do after a cardio intensive HIIT workout or after running. I especially like to use the UB Toner™ after running and because it's a wonderful tool to use during a cool down. 

Move #1: The Straight Up Move- Stand up straight and keep your core pulled in. Shoulders back and bring the UB Toner™ chest level keeping your arms parallel with your chest. Pull in for 5-seconds and hold and then release for 5-second. Do this move 3-times through for 3-rounds. 

Move #2: Chest Level Move- This move is awesome for sculpting those shoulders. Keep your core pulled in and back straight while flexing your arms. Bring the UB Toner™ right below your chest and hold for 5-seconds then release. Do this move 3-times for 3 rounds. 

Move #3: Reach out- This is one of my favorite moves using the UB Toner ™ and it's awesome to do anytime! Keep your back straight, core pulled in, and lean out to a 25-30 degree angle. Pull your shoulder blades back keep your elbows up and squeeze the UB Toner™ for 5-second and release. Do this move 3 times through for 3-rounds.

Move #4: Straight Down- Stand up straight with your core pulled in and shoulder blades back. Bring your elbows up and to your sides and squeeze for 5-seconds and release. Do this move 3-times for 3-rounds through. 

Make sure you flex and squeeze your arms the entire time to get the most benefit from these awesome, easy moves! You can purchase the UB Toner™ here

Check out the video I created for you guys to see all of the moves below and let me know what you think!

Comment below and tell me what your favorite upper body moves to do on the go and when traveling!