How To Start Running- My Top 5 Tips For Beginner Runners

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Full disclosure: I've been running since high-school and I still feel like a beginner runner, even at 31-years old. I want to disclose this because there are far more experienced marathon runners and racers out there than me. I would consider myself a hobbyist runner and this is not a blog post about getting into racing or marathons as that is not something I have done before. My goal is to sign up for my first race this year and have a couple under my belt. You guys have been asking for this blog post for quite some time so let's get into it! 

1. Shoes, Shoes, Shoes:

Okay friends, this is one of my most important tips and I have it at the top of this post for a reason. You need to have good running shoes for running. Even if you run on the dread-mill (aka-the treadmill) you need to have proper running shoes. I use to run in Nike cross-training shoes and over time they actually made my form worse, messed up my knee, and I caused damage to my joints. The proper shoes are very important! Don't skimp on good running shoes. A decent pair will cost you anywhere from $100-$200 and even higher.

Now, of course, you don't need to shell out $400 on your first pair of shoes, but you should spend a decent amount of money on good shoes. Your feet and form will thank you! There are several different types of shoes for the type of running you want to get into. There are different shoes for treadmill running, pavement running, and trail running. You guys know that I much prefer to run outside vs. inside.

Hitting the trails outside with my dog helps my anxiety tremendously and keeps me calm. If indoors is your jam, that's cool too!

Do you! But make sure you have proper shoes. 

Here are my top two favorite brand of shoes: 

Mizuno's are fantastic if you are a beginner runner. These are a great option for the trail and for the treadmill! 

My all-time favorite running shoes are Hoka's! These are my bee's-knees, my jam, they are seriously one of the best brand of running shoes on the market! These are made for neutral runners and for runners who prefer running outside. Get these shoes if you are going to be jogging some serious outdoor miles like I do. 

These are my favorite headphones to run with. They stay put, play the good beats, and I can still hear everything going on around me which is essential in outdoor trail running. You need to be able to hear the people around you! 

2. Make It A Mile: Okay so this next tip may sound a little strange, but it's good advice. If you are super new to running, start with one mile a day. I know this may sound slow, but it's good advice.

You may want to jump in and start running those miles away right away, but with day 1 start with one mile. Then day 2, see if you can do a mile and half. Then with day 3 start with 2-miles and so on and so on. Don't add too much mileage too fast though or you will be prone to injury and shin splints. Just take it easy and jog a mile that first day, if you are into it and you can run more than a mile your first day, that's fantastic!

But don't get too crazy right away. because you don't want to injure yourself or get shin splints. Shin splints are super common with new runners (I still get them because I'm a neutral runner) so be careful. Adding on too much mileage and overtraining too fast is the fastest way to set you back as a runner. So start with one mile a day and go from there.

Don't go over 5 miles per day in the first week. Take it easy, start slow, there is no rush! You'll be running like a beast soon enough! 


3. Find Your Reason Why: The best advice I can give new runners out there is to find your reason why. Why do you want to start running? Is this a serious relationship or a temporary love affair? What's your main reason for getting into running? Is it weight-loss? To manage anxiety? For better, overall health? What's your reason for running?

Finding your reason why can be the fastest way you fall in love with running and take it seriously. The quicker you realize why you want to do it, the more important it will be to you, and then you'll be serious about it.

People ask me every day why I run and for me it's to manage my anxiety. Being outside with my dog is a serious favorite past time of mine and I absolutely adore it. I can't imagine my week without my trail running. It's a huge, important part of my life! 


4. Download those apps! There are two apps that have really helped me with my running and both have a couch to 5K program that you can easily do. The best part is, these apps are free! One is called Strava (for the more serious runner) and the other is called Map My Run. Both are fantastic and I use both on every run. I use them to track my mileage and tell me if I'm getting faster and how many hill sprints I've done and it tracks my monthly miles which I love. I love seeing that number grow!

It's awesome to see how many miles I've run in a month. I always feel so accomplished at the end of each month! 

5. Take it slow and be patient with it. I run a 5K nearly every single day and it's taken me a very long time to get to this point. Take your time with running and breathe. Take deep breaths and know that you can do it! Running is not for everyone, but once you find your rhythm with it, you will fall in love with it!

Running has changed my life for the better and once my feet hit the trails, nearly all of my anxiety melts away. It's so nice to have that me time to myself every day, tune the world out, put on my wireless headphones and just hit the open road (or in my case, trail.) It's a truly wonderful feeling after I'm done with my run and I always, always feel better once I've wrapped my run. There are times during my trail run that feel hard and challenging, but once I'm done it all goes out the window. 

I hope these tips help you as they have personally helped me garner the strength to officially call myself a runner and be comfortable being a trail runner. My next goal is to sign up for my first race, which I'm terrified, but the excitement way out ways the fear! 

Comment below and let me know your thoughts on running and if these tips help you!