Why Doing Stuff Keeps You and Me Sane!

Why Doing Stuff Keeps You and Me Sane!.jpg

I would consider myself a doer! I'm always doing something, whether that be trying something new, jumping in my car and hitting the open the open road, or filming a new recipe video. I like to keep busy and I like to do stuff! I love trying new things and meeting new people. I drive my husband crazy because each weekend I'm like let's go here! Or here. Oh and here! That's why having clean hands while doing all of the things is so important to me. I love that I can grab Kleenex Wet Wipes from Target.com anytime and have a way to sanitize my hands and clean up the smoothie and coffee spills in my car. I also love that I grab Kleenex Wet Wipes and wipe my dog down after a jaunt in the river. 

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I also love running! Anyone that knows me, knows how much I ADORE running! I literally hit the trails every day despite the fact that I overtrain. I can't help it though, I absolutely adore running! There is something so truly magical about being outdoors, in the sun (most of the time) and being in the fresh air! I also bring my right hand Roxy with me who is my shadow and needs running just as much as I do. And you know with running how muddy Roxy and I get. Having Kleenex Wet Wipes to wipe my shoes down before I get into my car is quick and easy. The other thing about running on the trails is there is no bathrooms in site (that's partially how you know you've found a good running spot) so inevitably you'll need to be able to clean your hands. Having Kleenex Wet Wipes stashed in my Camelback makes it easy to keep my hands clean and fresh. 

Last weekend I was itching to go explore so I packed up Roxy and my Dad and we hit the open road to go look for the wildflowers all over Jackson. We drove through Sutter Street, through Ione, and all through the greenest parts of California. During our drive up the windy roads, we hit a few road bumps and I spilled coffee all over my new white t-shirt. It was super helpful having Kleenex Wet Wipes there to clean up the mess and help to save my shirt. And the drive was worth it because we were treated to the prettiest California Golden Poppies I've ever seen! 

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You guys know I also like to cook up a storm (hello, food blogger) and I make a mess. I'm constantly spilling stuff all over the counter, leaving the blender open when I film a smoothie recipe (oops) and spilling stuff all over the floor. Having Kleenex Wet Wipes tackle the mess keeps my house clean and me sane. Plus, I'm comforted knowing that I can get to the mess before my silly pups do! 

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It's also Spring Cleaning time so I'm doing all of the organizing and cleaning. I used Kleenex Wet Wipes to clean up my pantry and they tackled the job! I now have a clean pantry and easier access to my La Croix collection. 

Whether you are hitting the muddy trails like I do or jumping in the car for a road trip adventure, what types of things do you like to do? How do you keep your hand saniatized, while still enjoying everything Spring has to offer? 

Comment below and tell me how to do all the things and what your plans are for Spring break!