Why Every Blogger Should Attend BlogFest!

The week before BlogFest is always filled with great anticipation for me. Who will I get to see? What brands will I get to meet with? What speakers will completely impress me? Who will motivate and inspire me? My emotions always run high before BlogFest and the FOMO fears and excitement are very real! I never want to miss out on any event or class. And to me, the beginning of the day of both days (the first events of the day) are the most important.

It usually starts with a workout and it's awesome to see and catch up with everyone! Talk about not wanting to miss out! So before I dive into why every blogger should attend BlogFest, I'm going to do a mini re-cap first, then will get into all the deets about why every person wanting to be a blogger MUST attend BlogFest! BlogFest is hosted and sponsored by my amazing tribe Sweat Pink via Fit Approach. You can check out what our amazing women supporting women community is all about here! 

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Last year BlogFest was in Vegas and I have to admit that I was really excited to hear it was going to be in one of my favorite places this year: SAN DIEGO! You guys! I absolutely LOVE San Diego! My husband and I honeymooned there and it's just an epic city with non-stop fun and TONS of stuff to do and EAT because eating is really important in my opinion. So we hit the road in a 2018 Mazda3 graciously provided to us by Mazda. How cool is that right? Not only do I get to go to BlogFest and "work" with my friends from all over the country, but I get to drive there in a really cool car!  

Shane and I hit the open road after another local blogging event that I did, picked up lunch and coffee and we were on our way! The awesome part about driving the Mazda3 to San Diego is that it gets stellar gas mileage, a whopping 30MPG which is impressive and necessary on long road trips. 

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We got to our Airbnb late Wednesday night and of course, I did not get any sleep at all, because I was too excited about Thursday's events. I woke up really early on Thursday morning at 5 am and got ready. I was exhausted, but my excitement overshadowed any exhaustion I felt from the long road trip from Norcal to Socal. I packed my bag and headed to the Hilton Hotel where all of the BlogFest festivities were being held. 

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Our first event was a workout sponsored by Fit Bodies where we got to workout with flowers in our hair and coconuts! It was a really fun, vacation themed workout! And yes, working out with coconuts is actually a good workout! 

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The next event was a mind-blowing speaker session with Petra Kolber where she taught us to tame our inner critics, forget other people's opinions, and live life with joy! I talk about this on social media all of the time and it was refreshing to hear Petra's experiences and struggles with letting go of perfect. I loved how she talked about feeling like she didn't add up to what others put on Instagram and that it's okay to share the good and the bad. The biggest takeaway from the whole session was this: Being real is always better than being fake! 

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We had a few more sessions and then it was time for the PARTY! My hubby came up with me so we decided to forgo the party and have a relaxing night at our Airbnb. Petra also talked about never explaining yourself which really resonated with me. You don't need to explain your actions to anyone, ever. Remember that! 

And let's not forget about the glorious food in San Diego! Tacos, Ice Cream, and Salads oh my! There was also an EPIC rainbow latte. See photos below. 

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The next day started off with a bang or should I say a REALLY tough workout! Frog Fitness sponsored our class and I'm going to let the pictures do the talking because I really could not explain it if I tried. It's basically the coolest machine that has everything you need for resistance, weights, body weight resistance, and more! I need this at my house in real life because it was awesome! I was drenched for the rest of the day until I changed. That's how much that workout kicked my butt! I was also sore in places I didn't know existed. 

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After that, there were more sessions and the nutrition expo which I loved! Then we had brand meetings which is really why I feel all bloggers should attend BlogFest at-least once. We get five minutes to meet with some of the brands who sponsor the event. This year it was California Almonds and Trigger Point. Both meetings went really well for me and I hope to make lasting relationships with both companies.

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Brand relationships are everything when it comes to blogging. If you want to monetize your blog in any way, you need to build solid relationships with brands. And that doesn't always mean making money right away, but it means being a consistent blogger who is reliable and has a unique style that the brand can trust. 

My best advice for anyone wanting to start a blog or for newbie bloggers is: Go to BlogFest and learn. Take in everything. Drink it all up like the most hydrating glass of water you've ever had. Talk to everyone. Make new friends! Some of my best friends are the ones I've made at BlogFest. Get out there and introduce yourself! Don't be shy! This is the place where fitness peers of all levels, shapes, and sizes come together and it's an awesome start on this new adventure! There is a lot of complicated stuff that goes into blogging, so why not get your feet wet and attend BlogFest and see what it's all about! 

This is just some of the swag we recieved at BlogFest. Another bonus to attending is all the FREE swag!! 

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Next year BlogFest will be in Anaheim. For more information, check out their website

Happy Blogging! And a special thank you to Mazda for providing us with an awesome car for our San Diego Road trip!