Adventure On All Summer Long

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I can feel the sand between my toes, the wind in my hair, and the smell of salty water and dill plants. The kayak rocks back and forth as my dog moves because she sees a duck out of on the water. I hear people laughing and loud music playing. The wind picks up a bit and the breeze feels amazing on my face in the warm sun. This is what summer is supposed to feel like. Yummy salty snacks on hand, copious amounts of sparkling water, a cute dog, and really good company. 

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Kayaking is one of my favorite activities in the summer and I would be out on the water every day if my schedule allowed. I love being near water, always have. I love getting exercise while relaxing at the same time and kayaking is just that. You can chose to paddle hard and go for miles on end, or you can just relax, eat delicious snacks and just listen to nature all around you. Either way is just right for me which is why I try to kayak every day in the summer. 

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I've recently started bringing my dog Roxy with me out on the water. We have three rambunctious pups, but Roxy is our adventure dog. Not only is she my partner in crime on the running trails, but she is also our road warrior dog. Whatever the adventure is, Roxy is always ready for it. So when we introduced her to kayaking I wasn't surprised at all when she took to it right away. Although I think her favorite part is when we park our kayaks on the beach part of the lake and throw the stick for her for hours and hours. We are both water babies and could literally spend every single day of summer outside on the water.

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When you spend as much time outdoors as I do, you need healthy snacks along for the ride. I love bringing protein options, sparkling water, and regular water too, of course, fruit and veggies snacks, and I always have to have something salty with me. Salty snacks are great options, especially in the warm temperatures we have in the summer months in Northern California. The heat is serious business here with the temperatures hitting the mid 100's on the hottest days. Electrolytes are important and so are all the salty snacks. When you adventure in over 100-degree heat, you need salt to replenish and get help your body rehydrated.

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I love chips and always have them on hand when we travel and when we are out kayaking. I'm a healthy foodie and constantly seeking healthier options of chips, so when I discovered Boulder Canyon Authentic Foods I was super excited!

I've finally found healthier chips made with healthier oils and really yummy flavors like Buffalo Ranch and Sweet Chipotle. Friends, you must try the Buffalo Ranch flavor, it's the perfect combination of salty and sweet with a nice but not too strong spicy flavor at the end of it.

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Boulder Canyon chips are a fantastic option when you need to feed your salty craving, but you don't want to eat chips made with heavy oils and additives. What I love about the new Boulder Canyon Chip flavors is that they are made with rice bran oil, which is a better oil to cook chips in, are gluten-free, kosher, have no cholesterol and no trans fat. Those are all impressive stats for chips in my book! 

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Who doesn't love a salty snack? What do you guys like to bring on all of your summer adventures? What are your must-have snacks? Comment below and tell me! 

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Until next times friends, adventure on, all summer long! 

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