Pumpkin Pie Pancakes With Collagen Peptides


Do you ever wake up on a cold, overcast, fall morning craving pancakes? I could eat pancakes, along with a strong cup of french roast coffee any day of the week. Pancakes can be a wonderful breakfast option, but can definitely make you feel like you just ate 10-cases of sugar dough when made with sugars and fillers. So I got to thinking, I love pumpkin pie and I adore pancakes. Why not make a clean version for you guys? I thought well, I make pumpkin syrup that's clean, I can surely make pumpkin pie pancakes that are clean too! After racking my brain and coming up with various recipes in my kitchen, I've developed the perfect, clean, pumpkin pie pancake recipe for you guys that I think you'll really enjoy! These pumpkin pie pancakes also have my favorite Collagen Peptides in them which I use every day to help keep my skin clear and my energy levels up. 

Bonus: Make these for breakfast for your family the day after Thanksgiving and you'll be the shining star! Plus, these are great to eat before a long hiking day. We don't go shopping on Black Friday instead, we go outside and play! I will definitely be making these Black Friday and I know my family will appreciate having a healthy meal at their fingertips that is of course, pumpkin themed!