Quick, Easy, Autumn, Dinner Bowls

I love potatoes and I love organic grass-fed beef and I like easy. I came up with a recipe for you guys for Fall that's quick and easy to make. Bonus: You can use the leftovers for creative things like pasta bowls, veggies, salads, you name it! I use 4-simple ingredients and some spices for my Autumn bowls and they don't take very long to make. Once you've mastered the potatoes, you've mastered this dish. 

What you'll need:

Red and Yellow Yukon Gold Potatoes

Organic Celery 

Organic Shredded Carrots

Organic, grass-fed beef

Spices to taste 

After your potatoes are cooked up, grab a bowl and mix in your beef, spices, and veggies, and you have a quick, easy, Autumn dinner bowl that's great for dinner. You can do all kinds of yummy things with the leftovers too! I'm adding mine to some butternut squash and penne pasta with Kerry gold butter for dinner tonight. :) 

Comment below and tell me what you would add to this yummy fall dish.