The Benefits of Bulletproof Coffee And Why I Drink It Multiple Times Per Day

I swear I started drinking coffee in the womb. I've been drinking the delicious stuff since I can remember. You know the hilarious saying from Gilmore Gils, she's 90% and 10% caffeine. Yup, that's me. I'll take a strong cup of coffee any day over an alcoholic beverage and when I can add coconut oil to it it's even better. Did you know Trader Joes now sells coconut oil single serving packets?! That's a story for another time, but with those out now I can literally make my bullet proof coffee anywhere.  You can make bull proof coffee using grass-fed butter (that's truly the original way) but I prefer to be different and use coconut oil. The coconut oil gives my skin a nice glow and things all work properly if you know what I mean. (Insert laughing emoji here). I also add a heaping scoop of Collagen Peptides to help keep my skin clear and hair growing. 

I first started seriously drinking bulletproof coffee in over a year ago and I now I drink it multiple times per day. I'm addicted to the stuff! The benefits from drinking it are pretty cool too! Below I've outline why you should drink bullet proof coffee every day and a recipe, along with a how-to make it video. 

The benefits of drinking bullet proof coffee:



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