Meyer Lemon Bacon Penne Pasta!

I'm Italian and every Sunday night I would go to my Grandmother's house for traditional Italian Sunday dinner. I can still smell the scent as I walked in the door of her beautiful beach house in Montara, California. Fresh bread baking in the oven, pancetta sizzling in the frying pan, and the soft scent of chocolate shavings still out on the counter from her amazing Tiramisu. I grew up on pasta, pasta, and well you guessed it, more pasta! Of all of the things I love, coffee, running, weight lifting and rock climbing, pasta is at the top of that list. Fall is practically here and everyone need's a good, go-to pasta recipe for those nights when cooking tons of food seems daunting. This delicious pasta dish has everything you need for a cozy, fall night by pumpkin spice candles and a good Netflix show. So get your spatulas ready, because I've got the perfect fall pasta recipe for you! 

If you don't have one already, you'll want to buy a Citrus Zester. These are cheap on Amazon and are an essential tool in the kitchen. 

Pasta, Pasta, and more PASTA!

Eat all the pasta and enjoy this cozy, fall meal anytime you want a quick, easy comfort food meal. 

Bonus! Add nutmeg for even more fall flavor! 

La Bella Vita!