Fall Giveaway with RXBar!

You all know I love a good protein bar. And one with minimal ingredients is even better, so when the opportunity came along to host a fall giveaway with RX Bars, I jumped at the chance. The reason why RX Bars are oh so nutritious and delicious is because they only have 4-ingredients in each bar. How many nutrition bars can say that? I have two favorites and they are the Maple Sea Salt and the Pumpkin Flavor! Be forewarned, the Pumpkin flavor is only available for purchase until the end of October and then it's gone until next year! You can find both of these wonderful flavors here: 

The pumpkin flavor tastes exactly like clean pumpkin pie and the maple sea salt flavor literally tastes like a maple donut, but without all of the added calories. You can enter the contest over at Instagram, all you have to do is follow me and follow RX Bar and list your favorite flavor and tag a friend in the comments. The contest ends this Friday, Septmber 23rd. That's it! You can find me on Instagram here.

Let me know if you've tried RXBars and what you think of them. 

XOXO ~Genevieve