Orange Dreamsicle Smoothie | Healthy and Delicious!

Have you ever walked into a mall and smelled the intoxicating scents of the cluster of cafeteria food type places and thought, "I must get something!" Even though mall food is usually pretty gross, there is something weirdly intoxicating about picking a place to eat, getting in line, and enjoying the foods of the world. Have you ever tried an Orange Julius? I personally have not, but I hear they are wonderful! I have tried an orange cream popsicle and the other day I sliced up a bunch of oranges and had no idea what to do with them. Yes, I could make my go-to orange mint salad, or use the juice as a meat marinade. But then I thought, why not attempt to make an orange creamsicle smoothie that's clean? I put my creative mind to work and came up with a clean orange dreamsicle smoothie that I think you all will love! (I'm calling it dreamsicle because it sounds whimsy and tastes magical!)

I know that after a good, long, trail run I want something that's easy to make, thirst quenching and protein packed. This smoothie is also great to take with you to the mall instead of shelling out money on cafeteria food. I still adore the crepe stand in my local mall and go crazy over those to-go potatoes. This is fantastic smoothie to make if you've got loads of oranges or if you have an orange tree! I've added Vital Proteins Unflavored Whey Protein Powder to this recipe which you can purchase here. 

I've got a lot of orange themed recipes coming your way over the next few weeks! There are so many things you can do with oranges, besides make fresh squeezed orange juice. I'm also slightly obsessed with photographing oranges and all of their various varieties. Check out the list below of my top favorite oranges for cooking and zesting.

1. Blood Oranges- Tart, but have a deep sweetness to them are fantastic in cold pasta or fresh marinades. 

2. Cara-Cara Oranges-Super sweet and fantastic for smoothies, juice, and great for making an all-natural, good smelling, house cleaner. 

3. Meyer Lemons-Yes friends, lemons are a part of the citrus family and if you follow me on snap chat or Instagram then you know how I obsessed with Meyer lemons I am. The Meyer lemon is a cross between a lemon and a mandarin orange. How cool is that? I use them for homemade salad dressings, on eggs, in pasta, as a chicken marinade, and as a facial toner. 

4. Mandarin Oranges- They're sweet! They're sour! And they work in every meal possible, even things you wouldn't think an orange would taste good in, the mandarin orange is an all around, impressive work horse, and delicious to boot!

Now, let's put all of those oranges to good use and get to smoothie making! 

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