Delicious, Creamy, Easy, Lasagna Made with Beef Gelatin!)

What is the meal you fondly remember your Grandmother making when you were a child? You know, the meal that when you smell those familiar smells it brings you right back to that kitchen and that food. I love food (which is a good thing, considering I'm a food blogger) I'm Italian (mostly) and grew up around authentic, classic, Italian food. I remember visiting my Grandmother and smelling the lasagna right as I entered the door. The smell of the buttery ricotta and marinara sauce wafted through my nostrils, and every time I couldn't wait for dinner to start! We all have these memories from childhood surrounding food where something sends us back in time to those delicious dishes. Lasagna is a favorite of mine and I'm always working on news ways to up my lasagna game. You guys have to try my recipe! Not only is it creamy and comforting, but it's got an undeniable flavor that will send your taste buds over the moon! I've put a twist on my classic lasagna recipe and beefed it up with two scoops of Vital Proteins Beef Gelatin. Get it? Beefed it up, haha. 

Most lasagnas out there have tons of ingredients, mine doesn't. My lasagna is a classic, simple, easy to follow a recipe that is perfect to make on your food prep days to have for the remainder of the week. And it freezes well too! This lasagna also has tons of protein, not only from the organic ground pork but from the two scoops of Beef Gelatin. With this recipe, you are looking at 53 grams of protein for the total recipe. Pair this with a giant salad and you've got an easy, perfect meal that is especially delicious on those nights where you can't think of anything to make, but take is not going to cut it.