Bonanza Banana Pineapple Muffins

The buttery, rich taste hits my tastebuds and my eyes pop open, and I start smiling from ear to ear. Yes, you read that right, this is what you'll experience if you make delicious, easy, banana pineapple muffins, that make a fantastic breakfast or dessert option. In fact, shouldn't we all have dessert for breakfast? I mean think about it. We would certainly be in a better mood first thing in the morning, enjoying a delicious sweet treat with a hot cup of coffee. Now, I bet your thinking to yourself, "but Genevieve I can't possibly eat dessert for breakfast!" Oh but you could my friend, because guess what? My bonanza banana pineapple muffins are super low in sugar and might actually be considered healthy by some. "What?!" you say, and I say, "Yes my friend, you can eat them anytime, anywhere without an ounce of guilt. And the best part is? They feature the new Vital Proteins Banana Cinnamon Vanilla Whey Protein Powder which is so yummy and basically tastes like banana sugar cookies, I kid you not. And this banana whey protein powder goes in my bulletproof coffee every morning because it's that good! And if you're wondering if the banana is super overpowering, it isn't. This banana whey protein powder has just the right balance of cinnamon, vanilla, and banana and the flavors balance themselves out nicely. 

So a funny thing happened yesterday. Well, actually it's not funny at all, but I was in the middle of a food blogging photo shoot and I was taking a behind the scenes pic with my iPhone and all of the sudden in the middle of the photo, rainbow lines spewed across my phone screen and it literally looked like an alien take over. Then it stopped recognizing my touch and it basically went into the phone abyss or technology abyss. I'm not sure what one would call it, but it's awful and until yesterday I had no idea how much I relied on my phone. These bonnanza banana pineapple muffins will save the day though, and I'll just have to sit tight with them until I get a new phone. 

Comment below and let me know if you guys make these muffins and what you think of them!