Healthy Collagen Strawberry Milk | Strawberry Syrup (No Refined Sugar!)

I'm a colorful girl! I been told I have a very colorful personality and I love eating foods filled with tons of saturated color, but artificial dyes and I are so not friends. Lately, if you've been following me on the gram then you know I've been obsessed with making healthy, fun, vibrant, coffee concoctions. With that, I deiced my cream needed and upgrade and yesterday I was craving something sweet to add to my coffee. I decided to experiment and try my hand at homemade strawberry milk and homemade strawberry syrup. Now, it took a few trys but I did it! I've come up with a healthy collagen strawberry milk recipe for you guys and I'm pretty stoked about it. You can make this anytime, or make a big batch on Monday, seal it up, keep it super cold in the fridge and have it for the remainder of the week to add to your coffee or whatever. And who doesn't love strawberry milk? Now, I bet your thinking, that all strawberry milk is filled with tons of sugar. And while that certainly may be true for the store-bought stuff, it is not true for my version. 


What you'll need:

1-pound of organic strawberries 

1-cup of organic coconut sugar

1-tbs of vanilla extract (completely optional) 

2-cups of heavy cream or whole milk (don't use low-fat milk for this as it's too thin and won't blend properly.) 

Add all ingriedeints except the milk to a saucepan and bring to a boil. Simmer for 15-minutes until the strawberries turn into a jam like substance. 

Next transfer everything to a blender and blend until everything is combined. 

Next, add the milk to the saucepan with the blended strawberries and heat until combined. You now have healthy, homemade straberry milk. 

I use coconut sugar in replacement of conventional sugar because coconut sugar burns up differently in the body and will not give you that awful sugar crash later on in the day. It's a steady state burn, meaning you won't feel crappy later and it won't add inches or bloat to your waistline. Just make sure you have fairly fresh strawberries and you should be all set! 

Strawberry Syrup:

What you'll need: 

1-pound of organic strawberries

1-cup of organic coconut sugar

1-cup of water 

2-scoops of Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides

Bring everything to a boil, then simmer all ingredients together until it becomes a jam-like substance. Let cool, then transfer to a sealed glass jar. The syrup will keep in the fridge for up to a week and can be used on toast, in coffee, on ice cream, in penne pasta, the possibilities are endless! 

What types of syrup would you guys add to your coffee? What's your favorite milk and syrup flavor?