Easy Chocolate Mousse Cups

Ever want to sneak into the kitchen and grab something yummy, sweet, and delicious out of the fridge? I know I do! I know it's easy to pick up ice cream from the store or go out and grab some fro-yo, but what if you had an easy recipe to grab when those dessert cravings hit? I've got just the recipe for you and these literally take 5-minutes to make! These are a great option for kiddos and parents alike and they are healthy....well, sort of. ;-) I've added a scoop of Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides to my version, but you can add any protein powder of choice to give this dessert an added protein boost. 

I know firsthand how easy it can be to reach for unhealthy options, but these beauties are not so bad for you and they are easy to make in a pinch or when you have guests coming over. All you need is organic heavy whipping cream collagen peptides, organic vanilla extract, organic dark bittersweet chocolate, and some organic yolks. That's it! Super easy and it takes the guess work out of making chocolate mousse. I seriously use to think that making mousse took hours to get it all fluffy and pretty looking, but my version is simple, quick, and easy. And it tastes heavenly! It's so creamy and fluffy and it literally melts in your mouth! 

You guys know that not too long ago I developed a pretty serious chocolate cake and ice cream eating habit at night which wasn't good for me health or my waistline! I would literally buy a small cake a week, it wasn't good. Thankfully I've gotten over it, but I still crave chocolate from time to time so coming up with this recipe serves my chocolate craving and keeps my wallet happy. Plus, these little guys are so rich that you only need a few bites and there is NO added sugar. How cool is that?! With the right type of dark chocolate, you don't need the added sugar.

Let me know if you guys make these and what you think of them! What's your easy go to mouth watering dessert?