Watermelon Delights! 3-Ways | Easy Memorial Day Recipe

Hey, friends! I feel like it's been forever since I've written a piece for you guys, but I looked at my blogging calendar and I actually wrote a piece on here last Wednesday so clearly, I've been super busy because now I've now lost track of time. Memorial Day is here! Wow, time flies because I swear we were just celebrating Christmas yesterday. Am I the only one who thinks this year is going by too fast?! Can we please go back to fall? Then I realize fall is only 4-months away. Crazy! So since summer is here and the temperatures are rising and it's Memorial Day Weekend I thought I'd pop on here and share a quick, easy, fun, colorful, recipe with you guys! All you need is watermelon, yogurt, and lots of yummy fruit. Who doesn't love watermelon? You can drink it, eat it, decorate it, add it to salads, eat it with steak, make it into an ice cream, juice it, add it to a smoothie and so much more! Watermelon is the summer wonder fruit and this recipe is easy, and a quick one you can access if people come over on short notice or if you're having a picnic on the beach or a fun backyard BBQ. Who doesn't love WATERMELON? 

So with all that, let's get to slicing! You'll want to make sure you have a sharp knife to create watermelon triangles. Now, sure you may know how to cut a watermelon into 4's but I didn't know how to do it because I was overthinking the easy process of cutting watermelon slices into 4's. Luckily Shane took the knife out of my hands and said, "let me show you how to cut this watermelon so you don't cut your finger off." Okay, it was way funnier in real life. But this is how you do it:

Take the watermelon, then slice the watermelon in half. Next, slice the watermelon into smaller, thinner slices. Then take one watermelon slice and lay it flat on your cutting board and slice once down the middle and once horizontally and boom! You now have 4 perfectly sliced watermelon slices.*Try saying that 20 times fast!* And then you can more easily top your watermelon slices with all kinds of fruit and yummy goodness. I will make a video on this and post it to my YouTube Channel because I'm thinking many people do not properly know how to slice a watermelon to get all its juiciness and goodness! Do you guys know how to slice a watermelon? 

Comment below, and tell me if you like this watermelon recipe and want to see more stuff like this? Also, what are you guys up to this beautiful Memorial Day weekend?! I'm hosting an event at Athleta and we are going Kayaking! I'm so excited to be in the sun and water. I hope you guys have a beautiful weekend!