6 Vibrant, Creative, Ways To Make Your Bulletproof Coffee

My morning's typically start like this: Wake up, do a quick am yoga stretching session, oil-pull, brush teeth, wash face, and let my clan of beasts outside, (Release the hounds!) and make bulletproof coffee. And not the typical recipes you see everywhere because each day I make a different concoction. Fat coffee and I go way back, we were drinking together long before all you kids were making it on Instagram. I've been adding coconut oil to my coffee since high school (before Coconut Oil is all the rage that it is today) and I've always added spices to my coffee to make the various flavors of the coffee bean stand out even more. You could say that Bulletproof Coffee and I were meant for each other. There are many other names for Bulletproof coffee--fat coffee, oil coffee, butter coffee (I believe they call it a Mammoth Coffee at Whole Foods.) There are hundreds of names for one basic thing: Adding fat or MCT oil to your coffee.

I add all kinds of stuff to my morning, Joe. I started out with my OG recipe which has never failed me (see recipe below).

I use dark roast coffee from our local coffee roasters, the darker the better. You could also add espresso if you're too cool for drip coffee. (Insert laughing emoji here.) I love me some good espresso, but I find using drip coffee brings out the coffee flavors more accurately than overpowering the drink with the pungent, strong flavors from the espresso shot. 

Background on Beef Gelatin:

Beef Gelatin (you can purchase that here  if you want and it's free shipping if you have Amazon Prime.) Beef Gelatin is flavorless and tasteless and has amazing benefits if added to your coffee correctly. I add 1-scoop to my morning coffee, you really don't need more than 1-scoop as using more is not necessarily better. Vital Proteins Beef Gelatin comes from grass-fed, pasture raised bovine hides, more specifically Beef Gelatin comes from collagen, the soft protein that connects skin, bones, muscles, and tendons, aka, the connective tissues of the animal. Beef Gelatin that comes from a natural source without added fillers or colors is the best way to go. In other words, consuming brand name Jello is a whole other animal and is not the same thing as consuming Beef Gelatin from a natural source. 

The benefits of taking Beef Gelatin on a regular basis are more youthful skin, healthier, stronger hair, and stronger nails. Personally, I've found since taking beef gelatin once a day, my brittle hair has come full circle and it's shiny and strong. The other thing I've noticed is how fast my nails grow and how strong they grow. Beef Gelatin has been proven to help strengthen joints and ligaments and being a former athlete in high school and college, my knee pain has dissipated immensely. I also recover faster from a workout and am not as sore for as long. Beef Gelatin has also been proven to aid in digestive issues and helps build a stronger immune system. I can tell you this much as far as that goes, I rarely get sick (knock on wood). I've never really had digestive issues, but lets put it this way. Everything flows the way it's supposed to! 

G's OG Coffee Recipe:

1-tbs of organic coconut oil- You can buy any brand, I buy mine in bulk from Costco and the Kirkland brand is just as good as any brand out there, if not better because of where it's sourced from and the price. 

1-scoop of Vital Protein's Beef Gelatin 

1-scoop of Vital Protein's Vanilla Whey Protein Powder

1-tbs of turmeric and 1-dash of pumpkin spice. You can make your own homemade pumpkin spice, it's easy. Find my blog post on how to do that here. You can purchase turmeric in bulk here

Tons of Raw Honey-Pick your potion here, I get mine from our farm, but you can buy the good stuff from your local farmers market or another favorite brand of mine can be found here. 

How I make it: I blend all of my coffee concoctions in a Vitamix and feel it's worth every single expensive penny. You can find one that's been refurbished here or you can purchase it new here and Costco usually has amazing deals on them! 

Get Foamy With It: I get asked a lot on my IG stories how do I get all the foam? Well, Beef Gelatin and a blender are how. When you blend beef gelatin or collagen peptides you get foam. There is a science behind it that you can google. The foam is one of the best parts of drinking Bulletproof coffee! 

The jist of it: I add coconut oil, beef gelatin, vanilla whey, raw honey, and spices first. Next, I add organic half-n-half, but if you're dairy free that's cool too! Get creative with it and make it your own! Next, I add the hot coffee and blend on the medium-high setting. After everything is blended up, I let it settle to get that thick, crema, frothy, foamy layer. 

Sometimes I'll make it differently by adding just Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides which is another amazing, flavorless option that is also wonderful for your hair, skin, nails, joints, and maintaining stable energy levels. It also dissolves in your coffee right away and does get foamy when blended. 

Toppings: I make up various creations all of the time, but my favorite toppings to use are turmeric, cinnamon, raw cacao nibs, pumpkin spice, rose petals, dried flowers, dried lavender buds, hibiscus, and so much more. I base my toppings off my mood for that day and I get as creative with it as possible. The more vibrant looking the coffee, the better my day!

Colored Milks- I like to add various colored milk and tea to my coffee concoctions. I make homemade beet milk using organic beet juice and heavy whipping cream, you can also use almond milk, coconut milk, or whole milk. Keep in mind though that if you chose to use a non-dairy alternative, the colored milk will not come out as vibrant. 

I also make green tea milk using hemp milk and matcha powder. Along with blue milk using spirulina powder and honey. 

How do you guys like to play with your morning coffee? What other drinks should I try to get my day started? Comment below and let me know the ways you like to start your day! 

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