Mama Mia Preview Show By Broadway At Music Circus

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This post is sponsored by Broadway At Music Circus, as always, all opinions are my own.

I was lucky enough to be invited to the local preview sneak peek of Mama Mia by Broadway At Music Circus, Sacramento. I've always loved the theatre and use to do many shows myself, so when I was given the opportunity to attend a preview sneak-peek of Mama Mia, of course, I said yes! 

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The event was hosted by Broadway Sacramento and the lovely Julie Gallaher who created the #instayelpatweetasnap community and Get On The Map. I wasn't sure how this event was going to go, but I was excited to meet new people and see a Broadway show! When walking into the box office, I was greeted by Julie whose warm and kind and I immediately felt at home. We were then treated to a rose champagne treat pre-party event hosted by Broadway Sacramento. We learned all about the program and what Broadway Sacramento does. We are very lucky to have access to Broadway shows right here in our Sacramento community! 

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Mama Mia is running through August 12th and if can see it, you really should! It's suitable for all ages and who wouldn't want to sing along to famous ABBA songs for a few hours? I've seen the movie Mama Mia, but there is nothing quite like watching the live Broadway show! I was taken away for a few hours and it felt great to sit along with other Broadway fans and be transported to a different time.

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The show we watched was a live dress rehearsal, but honestly, I never would have known it was dress rehearsal because the performers and stage were spot on! The stage at Wellfargo Pavillion is so unique and it's set up like theaters in the old days. It's a roundabout stage, meaning you are able to see the performers from every angle, no matter what part of the theatre you are sitting in. I was lucky enough to snag a seat in the third row, but as I watching the performance, I realized there is truly not a bad seat in the house! 

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All of the actors did an amazing job, but my favorites were Michelle Dawson who played Donna Sheridan and Jodi Kimura who played Rosie. Jodi Kimura had the audience cracking up the entire time and Michelle Dawson is a true talent in the Broadway world. From her facial expressions to her voice, I was entertained by her the entire show. You could really feel her emotions of the character she was playing. The costumes were amazing and dazzling and the set changes were so fast and professional, you could hardly tell there were any set changes happening at all.  

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If you're a Broadway fan like me and need something fun and inspirational to do this weekend, please go watch Mama Mia at Broadway At Music Circus and be prepared to be dazzled! You can get tickets and more info here.

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Have you watched Mama Mia? Have you seen it on Broadway before? What did you think of the show? Comment below and tell me your thoughts!