My First You Tube Video And Why I'm Excited About This New Venture

Hello, friends, family, and supports of my health and wellness website! I'm super excited to announce that I've started my very own You Tube Channel that is all about health and wellness. This channel will feature all of my recipes, cooking how-to's, what I eat in a day videos, fitness and health tips and lots of other fun stuff and exciting stuff! I had a You Tube channel before which was pretty successful so I'm excited to see where this one takes me. My goal is to be on the Food Network or Cooking Channel and I truly believe that if you put the vibes out there, everything you want will come back to you ten-fold from the universe. I've always loved being in front of and behind the camera. My day-job is wedding photography and I'll always love capturing couples in their most important life moments, but health and wellness is a major passion of mine. I want to take this website next level, and starting a You Tube channel does just that. Besides, as my Grandfather always said, "No one ever got anywhere by staying in their comfort zone." 

This is my way of telling the universe what I truly want. My passion has always been acting and making awesome recipes. I feel I can combine all of love's into this You Tube channel and I'm excited to have you all along for the journey. For the celebration of this new venture, I've teamed up with Vital Proteins to offer you guys an amazing giveaway on my Instagram. All you have to do to enter is follow me, follow Vital Proteins, and watch my first video and subscribe to my You Tube Channel. That's it! It's that easy and fun! I will be offering lots of fun giveaways in the future on my You Tube Channel and I'm excited to share this all with you. 

Follow along on the ride won't you? 

To enter the giveaway, click on my Instagram link above and you'll see the Vital Proteins Giveaway announced there. 

Thank you for all of the support and I hope you guys enjoy my first recipe video!





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