2017: What's Coming, What's Past, What's Here


2016 was a tough year for me. It was filled with ups and downs and at the beginning of it I made a deal with myself to "face my fears". And oh boy did I ever face some fears that I never care to face again. Parts of 2016 were absolutely terrifying for me and quite frankly, I'm glad it's coming to an end. There were several up's of 2016 that were amazing though. I became an ambassador with Sweat Pink and therapeutic, I started this health and wellness blog, I started my You Tube channel, I raised my prices in my business, I became stronger, faster, wiser, smarter. I got accepted into Arizona State University which I will be attending this January. 2016 had a lot of amazing things happen in it. 

I want 2017 to be better. I'm a person who always strives for better. I want ALL of 2017 to be as badass as humanly possible. I want to ride the wave and achieve every goal I set for myself. Including working on my writing everyday. I want to blog every day not only because I majored in Journalism, but because writing is so therapeutic for me. I'm able to get everything out on paper (or on computer screen) and release all the stuff going around in my ever evolving brain. I also want to run a marathon and put all of my daily 5-mile runs to good use. I see people doing running these amazing marathon's on Instagram and I want to say that I did that. I adore running and it helps me manage my anxiety so opting for marathons seems like the right choice. I took up rock climbing in February of this year and I have a gym membership to my local rock climbing gym, but life has gotten so busy that my climbing partner and I rarely go now. I need to go rock climbing twice a week. It's good for my brain and my body and I'm going to make sure we go at-least twice a week. Why else should I shell out $90 bucks a month on a membership? I need to get back on those walls! 

I have some deeply personal goals I would like to work on for 2017 as well and I guess once I publish them on here they will not be so personal anymore, but I'm an open book so here goes. I want to finally, once and for all conquer my picking addiction. Being a habitual picker is like constantly fighting with your brain on telling your hands what to do and what not to do and it's awful. I do not wish this horrific habit on anyone. Not only has my skin suffered, but the permanent, mental damage it does to the brain seems irreversible at times. I pray I can battle this awful habit once and for all and finally win and beat my demons at their own game. It's not going to be easy, but I'm willing to put the effort it. If I could go 24-hours without picking my skin, that would truly be a miracle. I want this to be the year that this addiction ends once and for all. I also want to manage my white coat syndrome syndrome syndrome. Yes, I'm that girl who fears she has every disease known to man, but it didn't start until post syndrome surgery for me. Something during or after my surgery happened and my brain has been rewired and on overdrive ever since. Every pain in my stomach, pressure, bump, strain, scab on my body, elicits a freak out only night terrors would understand. White coat syndrome or PTSD or whatever I have that my therapist says I only need anxiety classes for has gone into over drive and I need to get past it. I cannot live like this anymore, I feel like I'm a prisoner in my own thoughts. 

My other goals of 2017 are to obtain my degree in Nutrition from Arizona State University (I start in January) and teach fitness classes. I would also like to take this blog to the next level and be able to make some extra money with it. I pretty happy where I'm at fitness wise, but I will conquer 5 full pull ups this year no matter what. My new pull up bar should help with that! I also hope to achieve handstand and headstand because I'm still terrible at both, but with taking up my daily yoga practice again, I'm positive I'm not that far away from achieve both of these goals. 

Goals take time, but tying them out and sharing them with the world shows just how important they are to me and helps keep me accountable. What are your goals of 2017? Notice, I did not use the word resolutions, because people give up on those. You are way less likely to give up on a goal that is important to you. But a resolution? Oh come on it's too easy to drop and move onto to the next thing. I'm excited about all of the amazing life events to come in 2017 and I'm thankful that another year has come and passed. 

Now, I feel like I should go apply to Harvard Business School or something.....