Perfectionism: A Silly and Daunting Goal

I'm standing in the kitchen about to make a recipe and I have to have everything in perfect order. Before I can even begin, I must have all of my ingredients out, all of my cooking utensils and bowls, all of my spices, and everything must be in perfectly photographable order. Sounds crazy right? Yes, it does sound crazy because it is crazy.

Perfectionism is something many people strive for, but it's like chasing a hummingbird. You're never gonna catch it, yet you continue to chase it because it's gorgeous and you must know how their wings flap so fast. Or something like that. I see people trying to be perfect all of the time. My friends don't accomplish their goals because they feel they're not even good enough to start. The need to be perfect is what keeps people from achieving their dreams before they can achieve them. I see it all the time in blogging world. People say, "Well I better not begin because I don't know how to get started."  What people fail to realize is you just have to start.

Starting is the hardest part. No, it's not going to be perfect because perfect doesn't exist. In fact, who came up with the word perfect? People may look like they have a "perfect life" on social media, but then you look behind the closed doors and see the person you are idolising is bulimic and pukes up her food, or cuts herself in order to deal with life. I'm just saying that although someone may look perfect, their lives are anything but. Social media was made to make people feel terrible about themselves. Think about it, who puts up the nitty and gritty on social media? Not many people that I know. All I see if perfectly photoshopped photos taken at perfect angles in really good light. Do they look like that in real life? No, probably not. Do they have a list of insecurities and things they are worried about? Yes, of course they do because they are human. 

Where did this strive for perfectionism come from? Why are always striving to be the best? I know why I do, but I would love to hear why some of you do it. I have this thing called vaulting ambition. It's a wonderful and horrible curse all at the same time. Some days it's the only thing that get's me out of bed in the morning. Other days it's why I'm able to be ballsy and just put it all out there. But when things are slow, or nothing is moving in the direction I want it too, vaulting ambition is the devil that sits on my shoulder and tells me I'm not good enough. I strive for perfectionism 24/7. I started a YouTube Channel recently and right away I saw all the mistakes in the second video I put up. In fact, I almost did not put the video up at all for fear of rejection or hurtful comments. But then I thought, who cares? Who cares if people say mean stuff? Who cares if they think it's silly? Who cares? Am I doing this for them or for me? Then I put the video up because at the end of the day I'm doing all of this for me. The blogging, the writing, the weight loss, the working out, the fitness, the YouTube Channel, the social media, the photography, it's all for me. I know I have good information to share with people and I need to get that information out there. The only way to do that is to make videos and put the information out there and share my story with the world. I've lost over 155-pounds without pills, surgery, or fads. I did it all by myself, on my own, simply by eating clean and working out. Some people would say that's a miracle. My story needs to be shared with the world, which is why I've started a YouTube Channel, it's not perfect, but it's a start. And you've got to start somewhere right? 

Remember this the next time you are doubting yourself: The fastest way to fail is by doing nothing at all. 

Here are my first two YouTube Video's in case you're interested in subscribing and following along on my journey. Videos come out weekly. 

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