I Can Fail, I'll Survive, I Can Fall, I will Float

Last night when I was doing Yoga on Yoga Glo, this Yoga teacher said the saying,"I can fail, I'll survive, I can fall, I will float." And this saying really struck a chord with me. I can fail and I will get myself back up again no matter what happens. Everybody fails. Failing happens and it happens to every body and it's okay. It's okay to fail. Failing is apart of life, failing is how we get better and how we achieve our goals faster. There is this notion that failing means the end, but most of the time failing just means that we are onto something bigger and what we failed at simply wasn't meant to be. Failing usually breaks the mold and gets us to the bigger picture and takes us to our next level in life. But most of the time when we are failing we feel like we are lost and going nowhere. If we get out of the failure mindset, and get our brain out of the fog, it's usually the failure that propels us forward into what we are really meant to do. If we are strong enough, we will survive the failure and fail better next go round. You can fail as many times as need be, but as long as you fail better each time then you are on the right path. 

Yoga tends to bring up a lot of emotions in me that I didn't even know I had. Twisting poses, and  back bends, certain balance poses set me off. Usually, I'll fall and feel awful that I couldn't hold the pose. But then I realize isn't that what yoga is all about? Moving through the poses and practicing the ones I'm not good at. You don't need to be perfect in yoga. Yoga doesn't judge, it doesn't make an opinion of you if you can't hold a pose. It doesn't care if you're wearing the right brand of clothing or if you can handstand. Yoga is all about the journey and moving through the poses with grace. Knowing when to hold a pose and knowing when to let go. If I fall, so what? If I fall and face plant into my yoga mat, my yoga mat isn't going to care. The important part is that I get back up and do the pose again and again until I can move through the poses with grace. 

Grace is so important when going through tough times and having grace can help a person when they feel like all they're doing is failing in life. 

Have faith, proceed with grace, and know that the tough times are temporary and are only preparing us for greatness. 

Genevieve JeromeComment