Twists, Turns, And Quite The Stir: January 2017, A Reflection

January got off to a rocky start for me. The month didn't start off the way I thought it would and I thought the entire year was doomed or jinxed. I kept seeing all of these amazing posts on social media about people having the time of their lives on vacation or people getting these amazing promotions at work, while I was sitting scrolling through my phone wondering if I would ever have good news to report again. I was frustrated, sad, fearful, and annoyed that everyone else had it going for them except me. Late at night when I was really feeling down on myself I would get these horrible sugar cravings and raid my fridge for cake and ice cream.

I didn't realize it at the time but the connection between freak outs and sugar are actually very closely related. Week two of January came around and I decided the sugar habit needed to be thrown in the trash so I quit sugar cold turkey. After the first few nights of frustration and the utter need to want to soak my head in a chocolate bowl, the sugar cravings eventually subsided. After a few days off sugar I noticed my energy levels changing, and my attitude improving. One of my main goals for 2017 was to quit sugar and I successfully did it. After I quit the sugar everything else started to improve. New opportunities starting rolling in, my "grass is always greener on the side" Instagram lust disappeared and I started to realize how awesome my life actually is. 

Running keeps me sane and I know some people say that in jest, but no literally running keeps me sane. My second goal of January was to start my running back up again. Prior to the holidays I was running consistently 5-6 miles 5-6 days per week. Then the holidays hit and my running priorities became less and less. Running keeps me sane. It keeps my anxiety levels in check and the cellulite off of my legs. I'm surprised I stopped running for a few months because it really helps with my daily life. I'm a lot calmer when I'm running consistently, I'm a lot nicer, and let's face it I look a lot better. I started running again two weeks ago and I'm back in the running game. I'm happy that I'm keeping up with it and I don't see myself stopping anytime soon. With the wether getting warmer (it's been freezing and raining here in Cali) outdoors runs and I are officially dating again and I think we are both very happy about this decision. 

You know that saying "Get it done first thing or don't do it at all"? My third goal of January was to workout first thing in the morning after I've had my heaping cup of bulletproof coffee. Now, I don't ever miss my workouts and I stay on top of them like I do my coffee consumption. But, during the holidays I got into this awful habit of working out at night and then I would be frazzled and awake all night with loads of energy causing my sleeping patterns to be completely off. And by off, I mean going to bed at 4am. My sleeping patterns have not quite gotten back to normal yet, but I'm working on it. Working out at night works for many people and it's great for me to do in the summer months, but in the winter months I need to be working out right when I wake up because I'm a lot happier throughout the day and I'm not wide awake at night. Plus, if I get my workout done in the am, that leaves my outdoor runs for the afternoons and then I'm exhausted by nightfall. It's a really good schedule and I look forward to keeping up with it. 

I would not call my self an expert yogi, but I will call myself a learning yogi. I've been practicing yoga since high school and I've fallen in love with. I have a membership to YogaGlo and my goal is to practice every day. My second goal to yoga was to begin a meditation practice along with it, but so far no luck. I sit down and plan to meditate for five minutes and I end up thinking about the book the Art of War or wondering what would happen if I really did scale a 8.11 wall at the rock climbing gym. You get the picture. I have not had one successful meditation practice this month yet, and oh look it's the 31st. My goal for February is to really try to meditate because for a person who struggles with anxiety such as myself it really is important. 

I should probably also cut off my caffeine consumption at 3pm, but hey they didn't build Rome in a day right? 

What were your goals for this month and did you accomplish them? If so, do you have new goals for February or are you sticking to the same goals each month? If not, will you try again in February?