Updated Website + November Intentions


A new month is upon us and with that new intention setting and new goals in mind. I've also updated my website for you guys which I'm super excited about! Please let me know what you guys think in the comments section below and don't forget to subscribe to my blog! You can do that by going to the subscription tab on the homepage. 

My intentions for this month are to go easier on myself. I'm hypercritical and hyper-aware and I really need to learn how to give myself a break and a good old pat on the back. I'm doing all the work, setting new goals and learning new things and all the good is coming my way. I need to believe that instead of constantly thinking the worst of myself. 


Write More: I want to write every day. Writing is part of the reason why I started this blog and it helps keep my brain moving in a healthy direction and provide you guys with good information. 

Exercise in the am; first thing. I love the energy and feels I get from exercising in the morning. I grab a cup of motivational bulletproof coffee and get to it! What's great about exercising in the morning is not only does it alleviate stress, but studies have shown that you will perform your daily tasks better and faster. All a bonus! Lifting weights is my go-to and then running in the early evenings alleviates any afternoon stress. All in all a wonderful intention and something I do daily! 

Be grateful. This is a big one and I know it's cliche to bring it up in the month of November, but this a good reminder for us all to be grateful for what we have, instead of focusing on what we don't have. We always have more than we need. Always. 

Finish up house projects. I've got some big house reno projects that all need to get done and right before the holidays is the perfect time right? Get the house spruced up before friends and family spend happy, memorable moments in our cozy little home. It's a tiny home, but a mighty one and we love it. 

Yoga, yoga, and more yoga. Why did I stop doing yoga? I have a third (tiny) room in our house that's half meditation space and half closet space which will eventually be turned into a nursey. Until then though, I'm going to use it as my meditation/yoga space. It's only a matter of finishing up the work that needs to be done in that room and clearing the space out. That's it. Then it's ready to go! 


I have other mini intentions that I'm working on this month, but those are my big one. Be kinder to myself and more patient, be gentler, have more patience, write more, exercise first thing, and finish up those house projects that have been nagging at my brain.


What are your November intentions? What do you think of the new site? It still needs some tweaks (hello, awkward video page) but overall I'm really happy with my new little corner of the internet.