Being Limitless Is All In The Mind

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For the longest time, I believed my inner self-talk and my mean brain that I couldn't do it. I did not deserve to run my own business, I didn't deserve to have an amazing husband who loved me unconditionally, I didn't deserve to be a health and wellness blogger and why should I share my info with anyone. Who would really listen to me anyway?

For the longest time, I locked myself in my own basement of cruel thoughts and demons that I would let take over in an instant of time. I believed that I did not have the ability to do what others were doing. I would spend countless hours on Instagram scrolling and scrolling and looking at other people's lives and would be idolizing what they were doing. They had it all and I had nothing. Yeah, the inner self-talk was dark and deep-rooted and it's taken me YEARS to force myself to climb out of the dark, monstrous hole. My monsters kept me locked in a cage and I had to break that cage open and pry apart those bars to really find my true potential. 


For years and years, I believed the silly things I learned as a child and I've had to come full-circle to create my own reality and dreams. I'm still working on myself every day and it's taken many months of therapy to get me on the right track. My mental mindset changed when I decided to change the way I think about my body. I told myself that I deserved to be fat, that I didn't deserve love, and that I would never go anywhere. Can you believe the crap I let myself believe?! I judged myself at every single turn and was afraid of everything. I knew that if I didn't change my mindset soon, I would be stuck in this awful cycle of self-depreciation. If you really think about it, warriors are not fearless. But they continue on anyway and continue their quest and face their fears. Once I adopted the warrior mindset, my life slowly started to get better. The mental clouds started to disappear and I paved my own way to now successfully running two businesses, losing 155-pounds, finishing school, and marrying an amazing man. I made my own reality and clawed my way out of the darkness. 


There is a huge movement going on in social media right now of women helping women. An amazing, inspiring, community that is girl gang AF and is about liting one another up instead of competing and tearing each other down. I'm so excited to be partnering with Fit Approach and Gixo Fit and be apart of the I Am Limitless movement where we push each other to defy our own limits and set a new standard for doing our best! We are taking January by the balls and trying out new things, doing the things that terrify us, and being open to all of the new possibilities! 


Gixo Fit is an awesome personal training app that offers personal training classes on the go. And the best part? You can have your friends join in from all over the world, and take live fitness classes from professional trainers. You can train inside or outside and they offer everything from fun walks and runs, to strength, cardio, and core conditioning. It's a revolutionary app that is changing the way of fitness and it gets you outside, which ya'll know I'm a huge fan of! Anything that gets's me outside and moving, sign me up!

I even did my second workout with Gixo with a sprained ankle! If you guys follow me on Instagram then you know that I injured my ankle from overtraining on it, and the coach of the class, Marybeth was more than understanding of my ankle injury and said how surprised she was that I ran as fast as I did. Remember, don't let your mind or a mild injury limit you! 


Join us on social and on the gram, by tagging Fit Approach and Gixo and show us your powerful photos of being limitless! We are all in this together and stronger when we work together to lift each other up. And give Gixo a try, because it is literally one of the most fun and easiest fitness apps to use! 


Remember, being limitless is all in the mind. It takes power and persistence to believe that YOU really can do anything you put your mind too. It's taken me a long time to reverse my negative self-talk and there are days when it can take over, but I continue to work on myself to truly believe that I can do anything I put my mind too and I do deserve all the good coming my way. The universe has your back and I hope this message of I Am Limitless inspires you to get out there, try something new, and do all the things that your heart desires!