The Power Is Within YOU | Walk Away From Stress And Other Techniques To Help You Chill Out

I spent all weekend worrying about an appointment that was scheduled for today that ended up getting canceled. I spent all weekend and half of last week worrying and stressing over an appointment that didn't even happen. All that worry, all that stress, all for nothing. All it did was make my adrenals go out of wack, mess up my already messed up sleep schedule and cause me to worry over nothing. I learned a HUGE lesson here. Stressing out is pointless. It does nothing for us. In fact, stress actually makes things worse. Stress isn't going to get you what you want. All stress and overthinking are going to do is get your mind to spiral out of control and freak out when really there is nothing to freak out about.

My body is happier and my mind is calmer when I'm relaxed so there is no point in stressing out over situation's because the universe already has a plan for you. Stressing out and mindlessly worrying will do no good for your situation. The next time you are stressing yourself out over something ask yourself these three questions. Is this fear real? Is this stress going to bring me joy? Will this stress help get me what I want? If the answer is no to all three questions then drop the rope and walk away from the stress. Walking away isn't easy, I know that firsthand. But just think how happier you will be if you let the stress go. It can be as simple as saying this out loud, wherever you are: "Stress, I release you." Say that over and over again until your heart rate slows and you start to feel more relaxed. Then say it again a few times to let it really sink in. "Stress, I release you." 

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Another wonderful option for releasing stress is doing things that bring you joy. Yesterday, I was such a nutcase over this appointment that I had to run. I ran a 5K and it really helped calm me down. Plus, the benefit is running keeps me and my mind busy. I do not have time to think about much else because I run outside with my dog on hilly trails that are full of other runner's and cyclists. I'm too busy and distracted to focus on what's nagging at me. Running for me is amazing because I can literally run away from my problems. Now don't confuse that with running away from my problems because the two are very different. I mean, I can run it off. I can drop the rope and run off what's plaguing at me. Last night after my run, I felt a million times better and worked on my half marathon training at the same time. Win-win.

Find your focus. Okay, so you stress out a lot and worry about things you cannot control like I do. So find your focus. For me, that's gardening. Although it's late in the season, I've found a new love for gardening and when I garden I instantly zen out. I'm not doing it to have tons of veggies or the prettiest flowers, I garden because it calms me down. It keeps my hands and my head busy. I'm already a plant lady, so might as well make me a flower lady too. I have conversations with my plants and tell them my fears. Sounds crazy? It's actually not. There was a study done in Germany of people who talked to their plants positively and confided in them and their plants were shown to thrive, grow, and live ten times longer than plants who weren't talked to at all. Try this tactic, because not only will your plants grow brighter, bigger, and greener, but they will thrive and so will you! 

Exercise and diet are key. If you don't think food controls how we think and react than really pay attention to how you feel when you eat sugar and take in lots of caffeine. Food fuels us and we need to make sure we are eating whole, healthy, real foods that nourish our body and souls. A great rule of thumb is, if your great-grandmother didn't eat, then neither should you. Exercise goes hand in hand with eating whole foods. The better you eat, the better you'll perform whether that's on the trails or in yoga class. 

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Meditation is also something I've started doing to help me zen out and I can tell it's already making all the difference. Meditation and mantras can do wonderful things. The power is within you. You create your reality. Remember that. If you believe it can happen then it will because your mind is telling your body it can happen. Want to succeed or start a new goal? Believe you can do it before you start and you are halfway there. Go to meditation classes, meet other like-minded people. Make new friends. Build a community of supporters around you that you can support too. 

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I'm on this journey to a better, stress-free, worry less, live more life and as I find techniques that help me I will share them with you. There is power in community and power in helping others. We got this! 

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