By Fitty Foodlicious

Marshmallow Chocolate Candy

This easy and delicious marshmallow and chocolate candy recipe will be the hit at your Christmas and holiday gatherings, but also works as a scrumptious candy treat all winter long! This chocolate marshmallow candy bar will add smiles to faces and is a fun treat for the entire family to make. Made with mini marshmallows, graham crackers, and dark chocolate, this Smores treat is sure to please everyone!

What you'll need for perfect Smores Bark candy – Sweet Chocolate Chips (I prefer to use dark chocolate chips for this recipe, milk chocolate chips are good too – Mini Marshmallows (you can also use jumbo marshmallows or marshmallow fluff) – Graham Crackers – Baking or Cookie sheet – Optional: Culinary Butane Torch

Step 1: Line a baking sheet with parchment paper Step 2: Melt the chocolate in a double broiler, a candy melter, or in the microwave.

ntil combined.

Step 3: Layer the graham crackers on a baking sheet (reserve some graham crackers for graham crackers crumbs)

Step 4: Pour the melted chocolate over the graham crackers

Step 5: Using a spatula, carefully and gently spread the melted chocolate on the graham crackers

Step 6: Spread the marshmallows all over the melted chocolate

Step 7: Add more graham cracker crumbs to the melted chocolate and marshmallow layer