Have you guys made coffeeshop drinks at home? What are your favorite ones to make?

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How To Make A Flat White Coffee Drink

By Genevieve Jerome | Fitty Foodlicious

Bring the barista to your home and learn how to make this easy Flat White coffee drink right in the comfort of your own home. All you’ll need is espresso and cream and you will be on your way to a delicious espresso drink that you can make every morning. Save money and time by being your own barista!

Makes: 4-servings

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  • Ground Espresso Beans
  • 1-cup filtered water
  • 1-can of Reddi-wip Barista Sweet Foam Coffee Topper
  • 2-teaspoons nutmeg


  1. Make the espresso shots in the espresso machine.
  2. Pour the espresso shot into a glass and let the crema layer from the espresso form on top.
  3. Shake the Reddi-wip Barista Sweet Foam Coffee Topper can 4 times and then turn upside over the espresso and add as much foam as you prefer. The foam will come out like whip cream at first and then it will thicken and turn into a frothy foam topping.
  4. Top with ground nutmeg and enjoy!
flat white, espresso, coffee, barista, cream, home, drink, delicious
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Reader Interactions


  1. Matt Freund says

    I like these drinks. Now I know how to make my own. Good Job.

  2. Anita says

    So much cheaper making this at home. And I love the nutmeg.

  3. aimee mars says

    What a fun tradition you have with your dad! I too love the flat white and it's often what I order when at a coffee shop. I'm so glad to finally have a recipe I can now make at home.

  4. sara says

    Love this! I've wondered what you do with those Reddi Wip things besides plain ol' brew. Can't wait to try.

  5. Alison says

    I absolutely love a Starbucks flat white, but always feel guilty about spending so much on a coffee! Now I can make it at home! Thanks for the tips!

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