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  1. Liz says

    I LOVE this idea of a healthier version of the shake! Can't wait to make these!

  2. Jessica says

    Shamrock shakes are my favorite! Making these at home this year is going to save me a lot of money. I love that they're healthier, too!

  3. Jen Sim says

    I love the fact that you made shamrock shakes with a healthy twist! Thank you so much for sharing.

  4. Audrey says

    These are so fun and I love that you made these healthy!

  5. Natalie says

    Oh wow, I have to make this. Looks fantastic and the flavors are just amazing. Making this for St. Patrick. Even sooner maybe!

  6. Marta says

    I always try to do something special for each holiday and was at a loss as to what to do for St. Paddy's this year. Thankfully I had everything I need to make these shamrocks shakes so I did a test-run. They won! So glad I found them.

  7. Leslie says

    You added a lot of great nutrition to this shamrock shake. Such a good idea to fuel your body and still get a great taste!

  8. Elizabeth says

    I love the healthy twist on a St Paddy's day treat! Will definitely be giving this a try asap!

  9. Faith says

    This looks so yummy and healthy! Love a shake with spinach!

  10. Raquel says

    These are so pretty and I love that they are healthier!

  11. Stine Mari says

    Yes please! These are the perfect balance of healthy and creamy. Love the peppermint flavor too, so fresh and delicious.

  12. Robin says

    I remember always wanting the Shamrock Shake as a kid, but your adult version is so much superior! Thanks for taking me down memory lane.

  13. Deanna says

    Love this version of a healthier and much tastier shamrock shake.

  14. Linda says

    What a stunning-looking shake! Now I don't need to go to Mc D for a sip because this healthier version is way better!

  15. Amy Liu Dong says

    Such pretty, delicious, and refreshing drinks. I am so excited to make this for my siblings.

  16. Julie says

    How much fun is this!!! I was looking for something fun to have for the boys for St. Patricks Day and this is it!

  17. Chef Dennis says

    I love this healthier version of my favorite shake! I'll be making these all year long!

  18. Jacqueline says

    Love everything about these shamrock shakes including the colour, the flavours and that they're health!

  19. Jacqueline says

    Hi Genevieve, please delete this message but I just wanted to point out that you've spelled German Shepherd wrongly. It's shepherd as in dog for sheep. Also, although I'm not an expert, as someone who has always had 2 dogs, I think you can run your dogs together as long as they get on and are obedient. But as you say, maybe to introduce them to that gradually!

  20. Alexis says

    Love this shake! Thank you for sharing a healthier version to that popular sugar laden one.

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